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About Us

With a rich heritage rooted in the heart of coffee culture, we are dedicated to crafting exceptional coffee experiences for enthusiasts worldwide.

Three Beverages

As the largest archipelagic country in the world — 1.9 million km² and 17 thousand islands — with a uniquely volcanic soil, coffee grown in Indonesia carries especially delicious flavours. The 280 million people that inhabit the country, many of which are coffee drinkers, ensure the sustainability and volume of domestic consumers.


As the 4th largest coffee producer in the world with a sizeable population as avid consumers, there's a need to accommodate large-scale and high-quality production.


PT Bumi Boga Laksmi is here as an assurance for Indonesian coffee stakeholders that we produce coffee that fulfills the global quality and safety requirements.

Bumi Boga Laksmi helps you create, develop, and grow your coffee business through green beans sourcing, roasting development, and retail products manufacturing.



2011 — The Beginning

Surabaya, East Java - Indonesia.

A single Probat 100 g sample roaster that kickstarted a learning journey of coffee roasting and flavour profiles.


2012 — The Growing Pain

Celebrated the 1st year milestone by investing in a Bühler Roastmaster 20 (one of the first in Indonesia), launched a new coffee brand, and experienced what all roasteries know all too well: bean inconsistencies.


All in a modest 90m² shed.


2013-2014 — The Solution

Hours of research and investigation had led to the discovery of the inconsistencies' root cause: the beans’ sources.


This brought us to our direct involvement in sourcing and post-harvest supervision.


2014-2017 — The Expansion

Our company remained (and still is) loyal to serving the local coffee businesses, and had seen the need to serve a larger market.


This period saw an increase in our supply capacity, which allowed us to enter the Hospitality Industry.


The expansion had enhanced our stature from being a micro-business to a medium-enterprise.


2018 — The Opportunity

A new business line was discovered by utilising what we're already great at: supplying green beans.

2019-2020 — The Move

As the business continued to flourish, our facility was no longer able to accommodate the operation.


We then decided to set up new facilities in Bogor, West Java.

5 Hectares of property ground


Production 17 Ton

per day


7 Warehouses at the size

of 2.000m2


2021 — The Now

Our current business offers the following:


OEM Products (Ground Coffee,

2-in-1, 3-in-1, and other



Arabica and Robusta Green Beans for domestic and international markets


Roasting services.


Roasted beans for the hospitality industry (coffee chains, hotels, restaurants).


Running a sustainable business in terms of Goods & Services offered, Relationships, and Profitability at a global scale with sound bodies and minds.


  1. To maintain physical and mental well-being.

  2. To continuously improve through espousing the growth mindset.

  3. To achieve operational excellence at a global scale as reflected on our certification standards.

  4. To uphold Bumi Boga Laksmi’s corporate values.

  5. Solution-oriented at all time, in all circumstances.



At Bumi Boga Laksmi, we redefine the coffee experience for businesses. As a certified Indonesian coffee roastery, we specialize in crafting custom blends tailored to your needs.


Our esteemed values are:


Bumi Boga Laksmi understands the importance of consistency for your business, and we are recognized for reliability in the following:

Product Quality

Supply Quantity

Delivery Time

With consistency as one of our core values, our commitment begins with our direct involvement with coffee farmers, implementing quality assurance from upstream to downstream.




Running a coffee business is often complex and challenging.


By engaging our team of highly-trained experts and advanced technology, you may skip the growing pains, trim unnecessary expenses, and experience growth with minimal discomfort.


We hold our partners in high esteem, as reflected in our motto:

#WorkWithCoffee / #KerjaSamaKopi & #ISOISOWAE



An ideal coffee business is both profitable and sustainable.


That's why, we maintain close and productive relationships with all of our stakeholders: 




and more!

Because a sustainable, long-term partnership is a Bumi Boga Laksmi pillar.

Bumi Boga Laksmi believes that consistency in quality is the key to success. This commitment is manifested through our certifications:

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Company Profile Bumi Boga Laksmi
Bumi Boga Laksmi
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